Investment to aquatic products

HAGREENCORP with strong resources and advanced management process, good quality control. Our workflow is “Friendly – Cooperation – Development”. Currently, we are investing in hydroelectric, wind power and solar power plants to create a new position, change the structure of business production activities and create sustainable added value. 

HAGREENCORP has been making efforts to create many outstanding values ​​for society, investors, partners, customers, and employees. In the areas of investment, we are all aiming to take human factors as core values: The friendliness between people and people, the friendly people and nature will create a civilized society Green, clean and beautiful are our first criteria. Working together to create greater value links will benefit all our partners, businesses, workers and society as our second criterion. Together towards sustainable development, Towards Developing green technologies for a business environment, a good living environment is our 3rd criterion.

Currently, HAGREENCORP has been researching and investing in high technology and biotechnology to apply high quality and clean aquaculture, seafood and agricultural products from farms to dining tables for domestic consumers as well as exporters.

Currently, HAGREENCORP has always been researching and applying science and technology into construction fields to offer optimal construction solutions, more reasonable construction costs and faster construction progress for investors. and it is our own investments.


1, Aquarium design

Shrimp farming in floating tanks has many utilities such as vertical tank, so it is necessary to limit dirt and algae around the tank walls, thereby reducing tank sanitation, limiting intestinal diseases caused by shrimp eating this dirt; floating tank structure should not have reverse osmosis phenomenon from outside, limit epidemic diseases from outside environment … In addition, due to round lake, when operating water fans, it creates high centrifugal force so the substances Waste is collected in the middle, very convenient for siphoning, good water environment management. Another advantage of a circular pool is an average area of ​​500 m2, which requires less fan housing, only 2 fans for one tank, which saves fuel costs and also saves the operation of the farming system.

The tank is specially designed with round shape, constructed from HDPE covered steel frame with a funnel-shaped bottom, vertical wall, an area of ​​500 m2. Some technical requirements in the process of installing tanks include:

  • The pre-feed tank should be placed on a high ground position so that the bottom of the floating tank is higher than the pond water so that it can be moved to a large pond by a pre-installed plumbing by turning the exhaust valve, which helps for shrimp farming is not wasted, the shrimp also become much softer;
  • The pre-feed floating tank must have a large slope of about 5% for easy waste collection;
  • Floating tank system should have a reservoir of equivalent volume. To be able to replace 100% water supply when needed, water tanks must always be treated with clean bacteria, ensuring standards for water supply for nursing tanks;
  • The floating tank is used for the nursery stage, farmers should use a sun screen to reduce the temperature fluctuation range, reducing part of the rain directly when the rain is heavy. The price is low, and it can be removed gradually so that the shrimp are accustomed to the temperature without roof, so the shrimps do not have thermal shock, ensuring the survival rate;
  • Shrimp should be nursed in a small area of ​​about 100 m3 of water to easily manage the environment, measure the necessary parameters without being dependent on external conditions or severe weather, sudden changes, owners Dynamic time of seeding phase 2 was best prepared for commercial growout ponds.

2, Shrimp farming process

According to the scientists, shrimp farming by Biofloc technology has outstanding advantages: Free ammonia (toxic gas for farmed fish) in water is converted into protein in heterotrophic microorganisms , gather Biofloc into suspended water and they will become food for farmed shrimp. Since then, improving the level of biosecurity, reducing the risk of infection due to no or less water changes in intensive-semi-intensive shrimp ponds. Moreover, raising biofloc technology reduces the cost of food, medicine and antibiotics to help improve product quality as well as contribute to protecting the surrounding environment, aiming to help shrimp farming more sustainable.

3, Shrimp farming in floating tanks is carried out in two stages:

Breeding stage of shrimp seed (stage 1): Breeding density: 1,000-3,000 fish / m2; Shrimp size: PL10-12; Breeding time: 20-25 days when seedlings reach 1,000-2,000 heads / kg; Survival rate: 90 – 95%. The purpose of raising shrimps from PL12 to PL40: Healthy shrimp, high resistance, good resistance to environmental fluctuations and diseases, especially AHPND / EMS.