Should choose white shrimp or tiger shrimp


Based on Vietnam’s brackish shrimp export data, the price competitiveness of Vietnamese shrimp is better than that of Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia in the 2010-2012 period because of the low index price competition and lower price in comparison with Indian shrimp’s exports. However, the competitiveness of Vietnamese shrimp export prices has been on a downward trend in the period 2013-2018, and the competitiveness of Vietnamese shrimp export prices is larger than some countries, we only better competitiveness in shrimp segment with size> 50g / head compared to Thailand. Analysis results show that Vietnam’s black tiger shrimp products sold in the US market have an absolute competitive advantage compared to other countries in the world. Specifically, all types of tiger shrimp sold in the US market have a smaller competitive coefficient, which proves that Vietnamese black tiger shrimp has a comparative advantage over other countries. This is entirely consistent with the actual situation of global production of black tiger shrimp.

Currently most countries in the world do not produce black tiger shrimp due to the outbreak of white spot disease but mainly produce white leg shrimp because the natural conditions of the countries do not allow the development of black tiger shrimp, meanwhile Vietnam. still maintaining the development of tiger shrimp farming. This is an advantage that we need to take place in the future to maintain the development of black tiger shrimp in order to regain the competitive advantage of shrimp export in the international market in the future. For whiteleg shrimp, the production of white leg shrimp in the world tends to increase rapidly, concentrating in many countries in Asia and South America. The largest output is China, Vietnam, Thailand and South American countries. Particularly for white leg shrimp products, we do not currently have a competitive advantage for the production of white shrimp because our production costs and selling prices are always higher than those in the region and the world. from 1-2 USD / kg

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