Forecast of demand for brackish shrimp in Vietnam by 2030


The calculation results according to the data of the National Processing Plan to 2020 show that: After deducting the output of processed shrimp for export, it is over 80%, but less than 20% is consumed at the local market.

Calculation results show that: In 2014, the demand for brackish shrimp consumption per capital reached about 1.81kg / person / year, increasing by 39.79% compared to 2005, this is the highest growth period ever. It is forecasted that by 2030, the demand for consumption per capita will increase and it will be about 2.27kg / person / year. And as the forecasting, by 2030, the population of Vietnam will be about 103.9 million people. demand for brackish shrimp in the nationwide needs about 235.5 thousand tons.

With the forecast results of demand for brackish shrimp in Vietnam plus the forecasted output of seafood export of Vietnam, the total demand for brackish shrimp in Vietnam by 2020 needs about 900 thousand tons and 1,500 thousand tons in 2030 (in which the Mekong Delta accounts for 90% of the national shrimp production).

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